Stop The Panic Pandemic

Create a bulletproof immune system in 10 days!

In relationship to your health, the most powerful thing you can do is to bulletproof your immune system so that viruses can NOT get in. Particularly important to a virus that creates allot of information like COVID-19. What Dr.Starling is already providing to her patients at The Healing Center Denver, she has created a phenomenal program for YOU for FREE! This program will give you foundational pieces and tools that you can use to bulletproof your immune system. Afterwards you can use these tools on going to build your health, families health and friends health. Now is the time to take your health into your own hands with education that will last you a lifetime.
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Dr.Marie Starling

Dr. Marie Starling has practiced as a holistic chiropractor for over 24 years. Utilizing cutting-edge protocols and testing, she is able to get to the heart of structural problems and illness. As a specialist in functional medicine, allergy elimination, rehabilitative chiropractic, and clinical nutrition, she is well equipped to address the most challenging of cases. As well, she is a dynamic speaker who cares passionately about sharing how to create vitality and wellness and maintain it effortlessly.

Benefits of taking this course

  • Bulletproof Your Immune System

    Immune cells love nutrients. Evidence shows that nutrition & other lifestyle measures influence your immune strength and susceptibility to infectious diseases. Viruses don't infect healthy cells. So, If you have already been supporting your immune system & just need a re-boot. Or.. you don't know where to start... Dr.Starling is here to help.

  • Vitality

    By doing this course you could have more energy, clear brain fog, reduce inflammation, sleep better & supercharge your immune system. This is a great opportunity to get your health on track. It all starts with having a clear plan and taking action!

  • Teaching others

    With this course, you will leave with knowledge that you can share with your family & friends. Sharing this information is very important at this time. You & others can create your own new life style with the platform Dr.Starling is providing.

What Others are Saying:

More Energy

"Learning about my food intolerances was the most valuable takeaway working with Dr. Starling. I can live a life of less inflammation & more energy.”

Food Intolerances

“I feel amazing when I avoid the foods that Dr. Starling helped me learn I was intolerant to and I take the supplements she recommended.”

Sleeping amazing

"I now know what supplements to take. I am sleeping through the night now. I have better balance in my life (learning self-care and to trust myself while I am trying to figure out what is going on with my health).”

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro 10 Day Immune Re-boot Basics

    • WHO am I and WHY am I doing this?

    • Functional Medicine looks at the root

    • Skip the panic pandemic by bulletproofing your immune system!

    • Best / Moderate / Gentle eating options

    • Chronic Inflammation

    • 3 Roots of All Illnesses

    • You need more Sleep!

    • Your gut is the foundation of your immune system!

    • Blood sugar issues = A Broken Metabolism

    • Are you committed or interested?

    • Manage Your Stress

    • Immune cells love nutrients...what and how much guidelines

    • Not all supplements are created equal and self ordering

    • Food challenges for ongoing ideal diet

  • 2

    The Program : Best

    • Best Guide Intro

    • Best Food Guide

    • Green Smoothie Recipe

    • Fasting Options

    • Low Inflammation Diet Best

  • 3

    The Program : Moderate

    • Moderate Guide Intro

    • Moderate Food Guide

    • Fasting Options

    • Low Inflammation Diet

    • Green Smoothie Recipe

  • 4

    The Program: Gentle

    • Gentle Guide Intro

    • Gentlest Food Guide

    • Low Inflammation Diet

    • Green Smoothie Recipe

    • Fasting Options

What we are providing

This course is valued at $497. Why a FREE course? Because Dr.Starling cares about people having access to the resources that support their immune system during COVID-19. Please SHARE this course and like us on Facebook!